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Briefings from the Institute of Employment Rights

The IER produces briefings on number of developments in labour law. Click on the subject you are interested in to read briefings in that area.

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Project Work on the Trade Union Freedom Bill

John Hendy QC the Chair of the IER worked with others to draft the Trade Union Freedom Bill.

Briefings and publications on the need for this Bill can be found below.

Project Work on Migrant Labour

The IER has worked on a number of projects on migrant labour rights. More information, briefings and details of publications produced can be found below.

Commissioned Work

The Institute is happy to make its network of experts available to assist individual organisations with particular research projects.

Commissions undertaken in the past are listed in the left hand column. Older commissions include:

  • TGWU: To examine the labour legislation reforms being suggested in Jersey, analyse their likely impact and suggest how best to resist the legislation with reference to international standards.

If you are interested in commissioning a specific piece of work, please contact Carolyn Jones at Head Office to discuss a possible outline, schedule and cost.

Reviews of 'The Right to Strike'

A selection of reviews on the latest IER publication

Outline of IER project on Labour Migration and Workers' Rights

October 2005

This project examined public policy concerning labour migration from an employment rights perspective. The aim was to develop policy recommendations which recognise the legitimacy of labour migration. In addition it developed proposals to secure the effective application of labour rights and standards in a context of labour migration.

This section provides a detailed overview of this project.

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