Trade Unions and the General Election 2015

13 May 2015

By Professor Keith Ewing

Shortly after the general election in 2010, I wrote in these columns that Cameron would win the 2015 general election (Morning Star, 18 June 2010). The reason for this was largely historical. In this country Tory governments typically get at least two terms. Indeed since the end of the Second World War only one Tory government – that elected on 1970 – has failed to do so.

UCU victory against university employer

11th May 2015

By Michael MacNeil

In higher education the bosses often consider themselves to sit at the more enlightened and progressive end of the employers’ spectrum. They do, however, preside over obscene levels of casualisation, with ridiculous numbers of zero hour teaching contracts and with 67% of research staff on fixed-term contracts.

Tory plans and IER responses: Don’t miss IER’s programme of discussions for the year ahead.

11th May 2015

Following the results of the general election, it is clear that the labour movement’s response to the threatened attacks on our rights and freedoms will be more important than ever. Here at IER we will endeavour to inform that response starting with our forthcoming event Workplace Issues: taking up the issues with the new government on Wednesday 10th June in London.

News Brief 8 May

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By Claudia O’Brian

Psychologists Against Austerity Campaign

6th May 2015

With the outcome of the general election looking unclear one thing we can be sure of is that austerity will be something that remains at the forefront of the electorate’s consciousness during the post-election period. How this will translate into government policy is uncertain, however one campaign making a case against further austerity policies is Psychologists Against Austerity.

News Brief 1 May 2015

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By Claudia O’Brian

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