Building on the National Minimum Wage by Bob Simpson

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By Bob Simpson

Published in April 2001

This publication offers a timely review of the impact of the National Minimum Wage on individuals, businesses and the wider economy following the second anniversary of its implementation.

Bob Simpson considers the strengths and weaknesses of the legislation. He looks specifically at the exclusion of those under 18, the lower rate for those under 22 or undertaking training and the lack of adequate enforcement mechanisms.

He goes on to suggest how the legislation can be improved and focuses on reforms that will protect workers against victimisation together with the need to revisit the idea of workers receiving a NMW statement as part of an enforcement strategy.

He concludes by looking at how the law can be used to boost other pay-related initiatives and places particular emphasis on the need to consider the introduction of a “fair wage” policy, sectoral regulation, independent scrutiny of pay structures and the adequacy of the law relating to deductions from pay.

A5; 52pp; ISBN 1 873271 87 5; April 2001

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