Labour Law Review 2001

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By Jennifer Eady and Rebecca Tuck

Published in September 2001

Over the last year there has been much discussion about UK workers developing a "compensation culture". Emphasis is placed on the increase in the number of cases going through the court and tribunal systems with particular focus on the associated increase in costs. Yet little is said about why there has been such an increase or indeed the nature of the cases.

To that end this year's Labour Law Review offers a particularly timely analysis of the year's leading statutory and judicial decisions. As usual, the review covers both collective and individual issues ranging from industrial action cases, TUPE updates, issues of breach of contract, unfair dismissal, equal pay and pensions and problems of race, sex, disability and sexuality discrimination. We hope that by reporting on the problems workers and unions face in enforcing their rights, this year's Review will also provide a useful tool for those aiming to participate in the Government's promised review of the Employment Relations Act.

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