Unite calls on Labour to fix broken economic model and back workers fighting for fair pay rises

Unite, the UK’s leading union, has called on the Labour Party to prioritise fixing the UK’s broken economic model.

30 Sep 2022| News

At Labour Party conference this week, Unite moved the motion which called on Labour to take effective measures to solve the cost of living crisis, to prevent profiteering and reshape the economy to the benefit of workers and communities. In addition, a Labour government should take back control of essential services and utilities through new models of democratic and efficient public ownership.

The motion also demanded that Labour must ensure companies that receive government financial support, investment or procurement contracts are bound by enforcable guarantees to protect and create decent jobs and pay.

Moving the motion, Unite executive head of operations Gail Cartmail said:

“We must challenge the common narrative that workers’ pay is driving inflation.

“Let’s give a clear message from this hall to employers, shareholders and the government: It is not hard pressed workers driving up inflation. It is the rampant profiteers. Corporate greed has created this crisis in our living standards and driven down wages.”

While highlighting that the cost of living crisis is leading to increased levels of industrial action, as workers seek a fair pay rise and referencing the party’s leadership attempted ban on MPs joining picket lines, Gail Cartmail added:

“The working class did not cause the 2008 financial crisis, yet paid for it through attacks on their wages, their job security, public services and benefits. We will not allow history to repeat itself.

“Today we say the Labour Party in all its guises should stand in support of our members in their workplaces and on their picket lines.”

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