Strike action to go ahead for London Underground and Overground network

Up to 10,000 tube workers will walkout on London Underground.

2 Aug 2022| News

Strike action on the Tube and Overground to go ahead on 19 August.

Transport workers on the London Underground and Overground network will take 24-hour strike action in separate disputes on August 19th.

Tube workers have been locked in a dispute over attacks to pensions and jobs for over 6 months while Overground workers employed by Arriva Rail London will strike over pay.

TfL has refused to share details of a draft government proposal they received regarding funding of the transport system in the capital, in secret and without any discussion with their recognised trade unions.

LUL and TfL management have consistently refused to engage in discussions around safeguarding jobs, pensions and conditions “on the spurious grounds that they are unable to give any assurances to our members until they have a financial settlement with the government”, says RMT.

The union gave TfL until today to give assurances that there would be:

  • no reduction in jobs
  • no detrimental changes to pensions
  • no changes or imposition of working conditions

And Arriva Rail London members rejected a 5% pay offer despite the company making millions for shareholders.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“This strike action by our members on LU and the Overground is yet another demonstration of how transport workers refuse to accept a raw deal.

TfL have had ample opportunity to be transparent about the funding they will receive and to give tube workers the assurances they need.

Yet they have totally failed to give those guarantees.

And Arriva Rail London, a company swimming in money, refuses to give our members a pay rise that will deal with the escalating cost of living crisis.

There will be significant disruption on the 19th August but TfL and Arriva Rail London bear responsibility for this break down in industrial relations.”