Shopworkers win Living Wage in promising new deal for sector

By agreeing to pay workers £10 per hour, Morrison's has become the highest paying supermarket chain in the UK.

22 Jan 2021| News

Shopworkers employed by Morrison’s will be paid a £10 per hour basic wage after successful negotiations between the supermarket chain and retail trade union Usdaw.

The new rate exceeds the Real Living Wage, as calculated by the Living Wage Foundation according to the current cost of living, by as much as 50p per hour outside of London.

By accepting the new pay level as part of Usdaw’s New Deal for Workers campaign, Morrison’s has become the highest paying supermarket in the UK, thereby setting a new benchmark for the sector.

“It’s been a tough time for food retail staff who have worked throughout the pandemic in difficult circumstances,” Joanne McGuinness, Usdaw National Officer, said.

“The new consolidated hourly rate is now the leading rate of the major supermarkets, which is paid every hour and removes the uncertainty of a bonus payment,” she added.

“It is a big step forward, shows that the company are prepared to invest in the staff to help grow the business and I hope that the deal is supported by our members in the ballot.”

The union is also pushing for minimum contracts of 16 hours per week for workers who want them, a ban on zero-hour contracts, better sick pay, protection against abuse, day one rights against unfair dismissal and redundancy, equal pay, and action to prevent union-busting.