Rail union secures fresh strike mandate in national dispute

RMT smashes the anti trade union legal thresholds to secure another 6-month mandate for strike action in their long running national dispute

26 Oct 2023| News

Around 20,000 members were balloted across 14 rail companies with all of them individually achieving over a 50 percent turnout and overwhelming ‘yes’ votes for further strike action.

Overall 89.9% of members voted ‘yes’ for more strike action on a 63.6% turnout.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said:

“I congratulate our members for delivering a decisive mandate for future industrial action as we pursue a negotiated settlement of jobs pay and conditions.

This ringing endorsement of RMT’s approach to the dispute now means we have industrial leverage to secure an improved offer from the RDG.

The government who controls this dispute through a contractual mandate over the train operating companies, must now allow the Rail Delivery Group to put forward a revised offer so we can work towards reaching a settlement.

However, if no new offer is forthcoming, we will once again take strike action in defence of our members livelihoods.”