Raab ‘wants to scrap Human Rights Act’, govt sources claim

The new Justice Secretary has been vocal in his opposition to the Human Rights Act for over a decade.

20 Sep 2021| News

Government sources have told online news provider, openDemocracy, that Dominic Raab’s appointment as Justice Secretary was made on the basis of his opposition to the Human Rights Act (HRA).

Raab has previously said: “I don’t support the Human Rights Act and I don’t believe in economic and social rights.”

He was also a proponent of plans for a British Bill of Rights made under the Cameron government, and has described the HRA as “feckless”, “undemocratic” and having a “continental approach to rights”.

In his book The Assault on Liberty: What went wrong with rights, he intimated the HRA was the work of “Marxists” and feared that “the spread of rights has become contagious”.

OpenDemocracy reports that sources close to Raab believe his appointment to the post of Justice Secretary is a clear sign of the government’s intention to scrap the HRA.

The news provider was also told Raab’s predecessor, Robert Buckland, was sacked for being too lenient on human rights.

Government reviews of both the HRA and the process of Judicial Review (through which citizens can hold power to account) are currently in progress.