New Deal for Working People is ‘rebranded’ as Labour’s Plan to Make Work Pay

As parties refine their manifesto messages, Labour focuses their New Deal on living standards and security

29 May 2024| News

Source: Labour Party

Labour have rebranded their flagship workers’ rights package as Labour’s Plan to Make Work Pay: Delivering A New Deal for Working People in the first few days of the General Election campaign. The last two weeks has seen discussions between Labour-affiliated unions and the party leadership over the final contents of the workers’ rights ‘New Deal’. In their introduction to the repackaged document, Labour say:

“Labour’s plan will make work pay. We’ll boost wages, make work more secure and support working people to thrive – delivering a genuine living wage, banning exploitative zero hour contracts, and ending fire and rehire.

Labour will back working people to take their voice back, improve their terms and conditions and ensuring protections at work are fit for the world today. While the Tories have failed to take on those who exploit Britain’s workers, we’ll deliver the biggest upgrade to rights at work for a generation.

Labour’s plan to make work pay is a core part of our mission to grow Britain’s economy and raise living standards across the country.

If Britain votes for change in the General Election on Thursday 4 July, a Labour Government will need to hit the ground running. That is why we will introduce legislation in Parliament within 100 days of entering government.

Labour’s plan to make work pay will ensure more people stay in work, make work more family-friendly and improve living standards, putting more money in working people’s pockets to spend, boosting economic growth, resilience and conditions for innovation. Stronger trade unions and collective bargaining will be key to tackling problems of insecurity, inequality, discrimination, enforcement and low pay.

The last Labour government lifted basic minimum rights in the workplace by introducing the National Minimum Wage, the 48-hour working week, 28-days paid holiday, parental leave, and greater protection from unfair dismissal. The Tories opposed every one of them.

But today they are the cornerstone of our working lives. Labour, working with businesses and trade unions, has transformed the world of work before, and we can do so again. A step change is needed in how working people exercise control over their working lives, and businesses need urgent action to address our poor productivity.

Labour is pro-worker and pro-business, and we will work in partnership with trade unions and business to deliver our New Deal.”

You can read the full document here.