Manifesto for Labour Law 'inspirational to European trade unionists'

Submitted by sglenister on Wed, 28/09/2016 - 16:10

28 September 2016

The IER's Manifesto for Labour Law was partly borne out of international comparison with Europe's strongest economies, where collective bargaining has served to create more equal and more resilient economies than in the UK.

But Education Officer for the European Trade Union Institute Ricard Bellera Kirchoff has said on a Spanish language blog that he believes the IER's Manifesto for Labour Law could now go on to inform the views of European trade unionists.

Speaking to the IER, Ricard explained: "...the strategy and vision that inspires your Manifesto might become an inspiration for us...The structure of sectorial agreement you propose is very close to what we had some years ago in Spain, before economic governance broke in, but it requires a convinced government that gives the whole thing an impulse.

"In this sense I can only wish you my best for the next elections...As I’m tweeting this week...'The paradox is that finally the inspiration for 'real labor policies' returns to Europe coming from UK!"

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell announced this week that he is looking into ways the next Labour government can implement the 25 policy recommendations included in the Manifesto.

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