Labour promises pay rise and training for social care workers

26 April 2019

The Labour Party has vowed to increase pay, and provide training, for social care workers across the UK.

Minimum wage non-compliance has been increasing since 2016, LPC says

26 April 2019

The number of workers who are paid below the statutory minimum increased again last year, following a trend of rising non-compliance with the law that has been ongoing since 2016.

People from disadvantaged backgrounds twice as likely to be workless adults, study finds

25 April 2019

People who grew up in disadvantaged households are twice as likely to be unemployed between the ages of 18 and 24, even if they have comparable qualifications to their more privileged peers.

Govt admit NHS staff need better rights

25 April 2019

NHS staff should have better protections when it comes to whistleblowing and gender discrimination as well as provided with a better work-life balance, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has admitted.

EU introduces new protections for 'gig' economy workers

18 April 2019

The EU has introduced new rules to offer more protection to workers in the 'gig' economy, including the right to compensation for short-notice cancellation of shifts; a ban on exclusivity clauses; a "day one" right to a description of their duties, standard working day, and pay information; and mandatory training for which workers will be paid at their usual rate.

Brits work longest - and less productive - hours in EU

18 April 2019

New research from the TUC has found that British workers put in more hours than anywhere else in the EU, and yet economic productivity is still low.

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