IER Submission to the Call for Evidence on the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill Published

Submitted by sglenister on Thu, 26/07/2012 - 15:29
26 July 2012

The Institute of Employment Rights has responded to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills' call for evidence on the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, which we believe is an unfair attack on vulnerable workers.

Among the proposals that most concern us is the suggestion that compensatory awards should be further limited. We replied:

“We do not understand why compensation should be arbitrarily limited. Claimants do not on the whole receive vastly inflated awards from tribunals. They only receive any compensatory award if they can demonstrate they have suffered financial loss, caused by the unfairness of the dismissal, and which they have fully mitigated so far as possible.”

Click here to see a detailed report on why the Bill is bad for Britain's workers, and click here to read more about our consultation response and our submission document in full.

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