IER Reaction to Government Axing of One Third of HSE Workplace Inspections

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 09/03/2011 - 13:27

9 March 2011
Unannounced workplace inspections could be reduced by a third from 2011–12 onwards, according to a leaked letter obtained by the BBC’s File on 4 programme. An IER Briefing by Steve Tombs and David Whyte sets out the danger of deregulating health and safety.

David Whyte contributed to the Radio 4 programme saying: "The most serious incidents which are investigated by the HSE are prosecuted at half the rate of 10 years ago...fatalities at work prosecuted fell from 46% to 28%."

This comes at just the point in time when David Whyte and Steve Tombs in a publication for the IER highlight how the lack of inspections will result in a "regulatory surrender" in the workplace. To get your copy of Regulatory surrender: death, injury and the non-enforcement of law you can subscribe to the Institute to read it online or buy a copy here.

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