IER at FBU: resisting Minimum Service Levels

Towards a New Deal for Workers

17 May 2024| News

The Institute of Employment Rights at FBU conference in Blackpool – Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Whether the government will ‘pull the trigger’ on its infamous Minimum Service Levels (MSLs) this side of a general election is a crucial question.

Our movement must be ready to fight this authoritarian law with all its might, regardless of the political timetable.

Come and hear our expert panellists discuss strategies the FBU might use to resist the draconian legislation being used to curtail our right to strike and bargain effectively.

We will also discuss the state of play with Labour’s New Deal for Workers, and what removing anti-trade-union legislation from the statute books, and replacing it with positive laws for workers, might look like.

When: Wednesday 22 May 2024 17:45

Where: Imperial Room 1, The Imperial Hotel

Speakers: Lord John Hendy KC; more speakers tbc; Chair – Riccardo la Torre (FBU National Officer)