Labour MP moves Bill to give unions better access to workplaces

17 May 2019

Labour MP Faisal Rashid moved the Trade Union (Access to Workplaces) Bill in the House of Commons on Wednesday (15 May 2019).

CBI says workers' voice key to lifting UK out of century-low dip in productivity

17 May 2019

Giving workers a voice in the workplace is key to lifting the UK's economy out of a decade-long productivity slump lower than was seen at any point in the 20th Century.

Fair Work Commission recommends IER Manifesto to Welsh Assembly

09 May 2019

The Fair Work Commission, instructed by Wales' First Minister to make evidence-based proposals for encouraging good workplace practices in the nation, has recommended the government refer to the Institute of Employment Rights' Manifesto for Labour Law.

Majority of Millennials have experienced social mobility decline

09 May 2019

The majority of Millennials earn less in real terms than their fathers did at the same age, new London School of Economics (LSE) research has found.

New laws should meet 'compassion' standard, say MPs

08 May 2019

A group of MPs led by Caroline Lucas, of the Green Party, are arguing that the government should test new laws against a compassion standard.

Headteachers back strike if school spending does not increase

08 May 2019

Delegates at the National Association for Head Teachers (NAHT) union conference have backed a motion to take action up to and including a strike if the government does not increase funding for education.

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