#MeTooPay campaign calls for gender equal wage policies

07 October 2019

Female business leaders have come together to spark the #MeTooPay campaign, which borrows its name from the #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment and repurposes it to focus on another area in which women are particularly vulnerable – pay.

Justice system staff call for return of collective bargaining in probation

07 October 2019

Delegates at Unison's 2019 Police and Justice Conference have called for a return to collective bargaining at a national level for the UK's probation service.

Scottish Labour leader calls for a ‘true change in the balance of power’ at Morning Star conference

07 October 2019

Richard Leonard laid out his ambitious plans to deliver a "true change in the balance of power" in Scotland yesterday.

Govt pledge of higher pay hangs the least advantaged out to dry

04 October 2019

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, this week told the Conservative Party Conference that he would extend the right to the higher band of the National Minimum Wage to younger workers.

IER Chair receives peership

16 September 2019

Congratulations to our Chair John Hendy QC on his receipt of a peership from Jeremy Corbyn during TUC 2019 last week.

Laura Pidcock MP lays out Labour's plans to implement the IER's recommendations

13 September 2019

Shadow Minister for Employment Rights, Laura Pidcock, detailed the Labour Party's plans for new workers' rights, based upon the recommendations of the Institute of Employment Rights, at TUC 2019 on Tuesday (10 September 2019).

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