IER Briefing: The Health of Britain's Working Age Population

29 November 2011

The workplace is too often the source of ill-health warns the Institute of Employment Rights

The Institute of Employment Rights has produced a Briefing in response to Dame Carol Black’s Review of the Health of Britain’s Working Age Population. The Black Review, announced in October 2007, was hailed as “the first ever review of the health of the working age population”. At the launch of the Review, Peter Hain MP said its aim was to “address how we can improve people’s health and support them to stay in or return to work”

Support the Bill Mr Brown

18 October 2009

John Hendy QC and Prof Keith Ewing

The high court injunction granted last Friday (12th October 2007) against the Communication Workers Union’s (CWU) strike illustrates why hundreds of trade unionists will be gathering at Westminster today (18th October 2007) to support the trade union rights and freedom bill, which is scheduled for its second reading in the House of Commons on Friday 19th October 2007.

IER Briefing: Equalities Update - Are we catching up?

27 September 2007

The last few years have seen major changes both in the framework of equality legislation and in the institutional structure of the enforcement agencies. New strands of discrimination have attracted legislative attention (age, religion, belief and sexual orientation) and new positive duties to promote equality have been placed on public bodies.

To mark the launch of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, the Institute of Employment Rights and the General Federation of Trade Unions] have brought together a timely collection of short but informed articles on the state of equalities in the UK.

IER Conference: Employment Law Update 2007 - Fairness at Work

26 September 2007

­­­­­This conference – timed to coincide with the proposed introduction of new legislation – is also perfectly timed to discuss future strategies on labour law in the light of decisions at both the TUC and Labour Party Conferences.

IER TUC Fringe Meeting: Labour Law under Brown - What's on the Agenda?

For the past two years Congress has supported motions calling for the repeal of anti trade union laws and the introduction of a Trade Union Freedom Bill. This year is no different.

What is different this year is that we have a new Prime Minister, a new Cabinet, a new “big tent” approach to politics and a general election around the corner.

Join us at our fringe meeting where Keith Ewing, President of IER, will consider possible new strategies for challenging the government’s internationally recognised poor record on employment rights and trade union freedoms.

BNP Infiltration: Court finds in favour of union.

7 March 2007

On 27th February 2007 the European Court of Human Rights found in favour of ASLEF (download) in a case that will have profound and positive implications for trade unions.

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