Has Monti resolved Viking and Laval?

16 March 2012

Keith Ewing says there "is nothing of merit" in the first draft Monti 11 Regulation

The Löfstedt review of health and safety: a critical evaluation

12 March 2012

In this Briefing from IER, three leading health and safety experts provide a critical evaluation of Professor Lofstedt's Report -Reclaiming health and safety for all: An independent review of health and safety legislation.

The right to request time off is too much of a burden, govt says

16 February 2011

The government announced today that time to train regulations will not be extended to small and medium enterprises this April.

IER Publishes 'Days of Action'

10 January 2012

A timely report from John Hendy QC and Keith Ewing on the legality of protest strikes against government cuts is now available to purchase online direct from the Institute here

Glass ceiling still stopping womens' progress

01 September 2011

A recent gender pay gap report shows that although the pay gap may have narrowed for junior managerial staff, the glass ceiling is still as strong as ever for women trying to move into senior management.

TUC say health and safety myths shouldn't be used as an excuse

25 August 2011
See Brendan Barber's response to the HSE's new top ten list of bizarre health and safety concerns which organisations have given for cancelling activities or events.

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