Government progress report on implemention of Lofstedt

19 June 2012

Action to implement the Löfstedt recommendations is progressing well according to a review published by the government on 19th June 2012.

IER to expose problems with Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

13 June 2012

The Institute of Employment Rights (IER) will respond to the government’s call for evidence on the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform bill, which threatens to make Britain’s workers more vulnerable.

Federation News Spring 2012: Meeting the Challenges of Age - Out Now

12 June 2012

The latest edition of Federation News – a regular publication from the Institute of Employment Rights and the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) – is now out.

Troika imposing illegal terms on Greece

29 May 2012

As the European political crisis becomes ever more intense and the economic crisis ever more acute, there is a third crisis yet to unfold. This is the crisis of legality now engulfing the EU, an entity that seems to be free to do what it likes and to ignore the legal foundations on which it is supposed to be built.

Trade Unions in a Time of Austerity: Pictures released

23 May 2012

Many thanks to all who attended Trade Unions in a Time of Austerity in London in May 2012. The In Conversation event attracted a full house and we’ve had some great feedback from attendees.

Govt cuts equality law and shrinks human rights body after cuts criticism

17 May 2012

The day after the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) criticised the government for failing to meet all of its obligations during the 2010 Public Spending Review, the Home Office has announced cuts to both the Equality Act and the EHRC.

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