507 construction workers blacklisted in north-west

13 February 2013

As many as 507 construction workers living or working in the north-west were blacklisted by the Consulting Association.

Wales 'could take action on blacklisting by next year'

13 February 2013

The Welsh government may introduce new laws to prevent blacklisting in the near future following the efforts of an Assembly Member (AM) and a union officer to take proposals to the Welsh Assembly.

Former Economic League employee confirms meetings with police, a govt minister and trade union leaders

13 February 2013

February has seen extraordinary evidence given by the Directors of Caprim to the Scottish Parliamentary Affairs Committee as part of its inquiry into blacklisting, including confirmation that the Economic League met with the police and trade union leaders to share information, and that one Conservative Minister had discussed industrial relations with an employee of the League during Thatcher's administration.




United Nations criticises UK's "undue constraints" on trade union rights

01 February 2013

United Nations' Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association Mr Maina Kiai has criticised the UK's lack of trade union rights.

Agency Workers' Protection fails at the first legal hurdle

30 January 2013

By Roger Jeary

A recent employment tribunal has shown the Agency Workers' Regulations are easy for employers to escape.

Cullum McAlpine: Blacklist was used for Olympics Project

24 January 2013

Director of Sir Robert McAlpine Cullum McAlpine admitted using a blacklist to recruit for large public projects including the Olympics.

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