Lords unable to save Agricultural Wages Boards

08 March 2013

Despite Coalition plans to remove Agricultural Wages Boards and thus the Agricultural Minimum Wage from across England and Wales provoking fierce debate in the Lords recently, peers were unable to stop more conservative members from allowing the plans to pass.

Employment law normally seen as burdensome by employers who do not understand it, govt concedes

08 March 2013

It turns out the left was right all along on the problems perceived by employers with employment law, but it is quite a surprise a Tory-led government is the one to finally admit it.

Lords refuse to pass Bill to remove civil liability for health and safety breaches

08 March 2013

The House of Lords has thrown out Clause 62 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, which sought to remove employers' 114-year-old civil liability for their workers' health and safety.

Skanska used blacklist to vet 66,000 people - including on public sector works

06 March 2013

Evidence given to the Scottish Affairs Parliamentary Committee by Skanska HR Director Harvey Francis has revealed that blacklist provider the Consulting Association (CA) was used by the construction company to check up on 66,000 people between 2005 and 2009, making it one of the largest users of the organisation.

Shared parental leave and flexible working open to the first ever public reading

20 February 2013

The government has set its first ever public reading in motion, allowing anyone to comment on its proposals online before they are debated in parliament. Don't miss this chance to have your say on Coalition plans for shared parental leave and flexible working and read on to find out how the Children and Families Bill, which these proposals are a part of, has been criticised.

The deadline for public comments is 26th February 2013

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