Trade Union Administration Bill 'could be seen as simple provocation'

13 November 2013

Part Three of the Lobbying Bill, which proposes tightening regulation on trade union membership registration even further, could be seen as nothing more than provocation by some sections of society if it goes through in its current form.

Government forced into Lobbying Bill pause

06 November 2013

Following widespread opposition to both the content of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill and the way it has been hurriedly progressed through parliament, the government has agreed to pause the Bill up to six weeks.

Minimum wage payment found to be important issue for Britons

01 November 2013

A survey has shown that 80% of people would refuse to buy the services or products of a business if they found out the firm was underpaying its staff.

Over half of workers awarded compensation at an Employment Tribunal do not receive it, study shows

01 November 2013

A new government-commissioned study has found that over half of those awarded compensation at an Employment Tribunal (ET) never receive payment in full.

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