Lobbying Bill still a threat to Freedom of Speech

10 January 2014

After a brief pause in developments, the Government now plans to amend the gagging bill to exempt smaller charities ahead of the 2015 general election. This latest u-turn will increase the amount campaigners can spend on the election.

EU Official calls 'Invasion of Foreigners' a populist myth.

10 January 2014

Top EU official, Viviane Reding has said that the 'invasion of foreigners' is a populist myth and that David Cameron is lying to British voters in order to distract UK citizens from the country's real problems ahead of the 2015 general election.

News Brief 10/01/2014

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This week authored by Laura Ryder

George Osborne targets cuts to public welfare and the public sector in speech.

07 January 2014

It seems yet again that George Osborne is targeting the poor and vulnerable, insisting that £25bn more cuts must be made in 2015.

Barristers express discontent at proposal for legal aid cuts

07 January 2014

On Monday, Barristers and Solicitors took to the streets to voice their discontent at the proposed introduction of price-competitive tendering. This will include a £220m annual cut to the criminal legal aid budget by the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling.

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