News Brief 17/01/2014

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This week authored by Laura Ryder

Tougher penalties for undermining workers' health and safety but not enough staff to enforce them

17 January 2014

Changes introduced to the Health and Safety Offences Act mean that lawbreakers will face more jail terms, higher fines and a rise in cases tried in lower courts when they undermine the welfare of their staff or the public – but tougher penalties can be of no effect if enforcers are too poorly funded to put them to use.

Public ‘misinformed’ regarding migration statistics

17 January 2014

Immigration is a hot topic at the moment, but the latest figures have shown that many people are being misinformed in regard to immigration, as the government keeps on peddling its myths in order to scare people of the effects of immigration on the UK.

Government defeated in House of Lords

17 January 2014

The Lobbying Bill has been amended in the House of Lords despite previous concessions by the government in order to soften it.

Whitehall department fails to support whistleblowers

17 January 2014

After reviewing 39 whistleblowing policies across government and marking them against eight different criteria the National Audit Office has found that the Cabinet Office - Chancellor George Osborne's department - is failing to support workers reporting matters of public interest at work in an official assessment.

Drop in inflation fails to put the brakes on rocketing cost of living

16 January 2014

The Coalition is patting itself on the back as Inflation falls to 2%, but Labour is demanding a stronger minimum wage as unions warn that the cost of living is still growing.

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