Govt to consult on better rights for workers experiencing domestic abuse

A new report has identified an unmet need for flexible working.

15 Jan 2021| News

Photo by Miguel Ángel Hernández on Unsplash

Business Minister, Paul Scully, yesterday (14 January 2021) announced that the government would launch a consultation designed to help employers support workers who are victims of domestic abuse.

His announcement came after a new report identified “unmet needs for flexibility and time out of work” among victims of domestic abuse and promised the government would consider making the right to flexible working a default right.

The accompanying press release offered the less specific vow of a consultation on “steps that can be taken so survivors can better exercise their existing employment rights, such as the right to request flexible working”.

He also announced the establishment of a working group to identify “practical solutions” that can be implemented in workplaces, which he said would involve representatives of domestic abuse victims, employers and trade unions.