Fair Work Commission recommends IER Manifesto to Welsh Assembly

The Fair Work Commission, instructed by Wales' First Minister to make evidence-based proposals for encouraging good workplace practices in the nation, has recommended the government refer to the Institute of Employment Rights' Manifesto for Labour Law.

9 May 2019| News

Advising that the Westminster-commissioned report into reforming employment law – the Taylor Review – had been widely criticised, the Commission said “useful alternative and additional proposals for UK legislation relating to this [the gig economy] and other employment issues have been made by a number of bodies and expert commentators”.

It named the Manifesto – alongside IER publication Re-Regulating Zero Hours Contracts – among those reports which “could inform the Welsh Government’s engagement with UK Government”.

Echoing the Manifesto’s overarching aim of shifting the focus of labour law to collective rather than individual rights, the Commission recommended that the Welsh Assembly define fair work as that which offers “employee voice and collective representation”.

Further, it urged the devolved government to “support and promote trade unions and collective bargaining”.

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