Brighton & Hove Council faces thousands of equal pay claims

GMB union has written to Brighton and Hove Council around equal pay claims that could affect thousands of women.

10 Jun 2024| News

The GMB union has today written to Brighton & Hove City Council requesting talks as the authority faces equal pay claims from thousands of women. The claims, which could be worth tens of millions of pounds, cover roles across the council and reference issues dating back several years.

The council has been made fully aware of the problems, but has taken no action to compensate.

Lib Whitifeld, GMB Senior Organiser, said:

“For years this low paid, predominantly women worker force has been paid less than those in male dominated jobs – jobs rated equivalent under the council’s own job evaluation scheme.

The money stolen from our members has a significant impact on their day to day lives; they’ve struggled to pay their bills and forced to work longer hours rather than being with their families.

This council is responsible for not only the loss of pay, but the stolen time and quality of life of these workers.

They must now settle with all members the full amount, set things right for the future and issue a unreserved apology for this appalling discrimination”