Workplace issues: Redundancy, victimisation and worse?

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Workplace issues: Redundancy, victimisation and worse?
Workplace issues: Redundancy, victimisation and worse?

About the conference

The Workplace issues conference had as its focus the economic environment for workplace reps with practical, hands-on information on contract changes, redundancy, victimisation and the Grievance procedures as amended under the Employment Act 2008

The conference was held primarily due to the success of its counterpart conference in Liverpool and was organised to give workplace reps the tools to navigate the economic climate.

The conference opened with a presentation from officers from the GMB Southern region who spoke about the success of the Brighton refuse workers’ strike earlier this year.

Neil Todd from Thompsons Solicitors opened the legal contributions to the conference with a briefing on contract changes As Neil stated: in a recession, many employers consider changing terms and conditions of employment, sometimes as an alternative to redundancy. It is important to be aware when such action may be unlawful and what legal steps may be available to employees when this happens.

The unscrupluous manner in which many employers are seeking to place the burden of the economic downturn on their workers, has resulted in the need for more information on redundancy Ellie Reeves, in her paper, outlined the legal definition of redundancy, process, payment and suitable alternative employment.

While the economic motives of employers to obstruct their workforce’s employment rights, the political motives of employers to victimise trade unionists was brought to light in presentations from Neil Johnson from Thompsons Solicitors and Chris Baugh, the Assistant General Secretary of PCS Chris spoke about the treatment of a Land Registry rep, Jane Brooke in the context of victimisation of trade union reps throughout the Civil Service.

The final contribution of the day came from Ellie Reeves of Thompsons Solicitors, who spoke about the Grievance and disciplinary procedures outlining the new procedures and highlighting the ACAS Code
We will explore this area in a seminar in March next year- Grievance procedures & employment tribunals: casework update

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The conference is complimented by our Labour Law Review 2010, edited by Rebecca Tuck. You can buy your copy here

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