Employment law after the election: what do we want?

In the run up to the general election, we ask how can lives and living standards be improved in Britain.

25th March 2015

About the Conference

Following the tremendous success of the IER’s What We Want conference in London on 11 February, a similar, half-day event will take place in Liverpool to allow more people to engage in the debate. The conference will be a key event in the run-up to the general election, asking how the lives and living standards of Britain’s population can be improved under a new government.

The programme for this half-day event in Liverpool is:
2.00 Registration Opens


2.25 Opening from Chair

    • Carolyn Jones, Director,



2.30 Labour Law: What do we want?

    • Lynn Collins, North West


    • Regional Secretary


    • Kevan Nelson,


    • Regional Secretary


    • Martin John,


    • National Officer


    Neil Todd, Thompsons Solicitors


3.30 Question Time Panel

    • Chair: John Hendy QC,


    • Len McCluskey,


    • General Secretary


    • Matt Wrack,


    • General Secretary


    • Tim Roach,


    • President


    Jo Seery, Thompsons solicitors


4.45 Summing up and moving forward

    • John Hendy, QC


    5.00 Close

    It has been said that the next general election will be won or lost on the issue of employment rights. Little wonder. Whether it’s the growth in zero hour contracts, the attacks on pension provision, the destruction of collective bargaining, the limitation on trade union action to defend workers, the exploitation of agency workers, the restrictions on access to justice or the ease with which employers can impose mass redundancies – workers and their families can see the injustices in the system and want change.

    What laws do you want after the election? Let us know on #ierwhatwewant.