Celebrating 30 years of the IER

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IER was formed on 28th February 1989, creating a unique network of trade unionists, academics and lawyers. Over the years, the Institute has produced 200 titles, circulated nearly 350,000 booklets and raised £491,000 in sales. In 1999 IER began taking its message direct to trade union members by organising conferences and events. Since then we have organised over 200 events, reaching an estimated 6,000 delegates.

After 30 years of informing the debate around employment rights and trade union freedoms, IER is proud to say that our Manifesto for Labour Law has recently been adopted as a blueprint for a future Labour government. It is therefore crucial that our work continues. For that to happen we need to focus on rebuilding our financial base, modernising our communication methods and popularising our ideas.

Can you help us?

We hope to raise £30,000 to celebrate our 30 years. The money will be used to:

  1. Modernise our website and on-line communication methods
  2. Promote our ideas via meetings, education packs, videos and animations
  3. Establish a reserve fund to avoid constant fund-raising

30 years of the IER - presenting an alternative to neoliberalism

Happy birthday messages from our supporters

30th Anniversary celebration event

Frances O'Grady, General Secretary, TUC

Len McCluskey, General Secretary, Unite

Tim Roache, General Secretary, GMB

Kevin Courtney, General Secretary, NEU

Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary, NEU

Steve Gillan, General Secretary, POA

Ronnie Draper, General Secretary, BFAWU

Vicky Knight, President, UCU

Doug Nicholls, General Secretary, GFTU

Diana Holland, Assistant General Secretary, Unite

Amanda Brown, Deputy General Secretary, NEU

Siobhan Endean, Nation Equality Officer, Unite

Helen Carr, Head of Equality and Participation, UCU

IER image carousel- 30 years in pictures

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