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Comment - 17 Oct 2012

Coalition proposes repeal of 114-year-old employment right

Marcus Weatherby
Comment - 12 Oct 2012

Turning employees into ‘owners’? The falsest promise yet

Jeremias Prassl
Mark Freedland
Nicola Countouris
Comment - 10 Oct 2012

Tory conference attack on civil service trade unions

Roger Jeary
Comment - 3 Oct 2012

All eyes on the Lib Dems

Kevin Rowan
Comment -

CLASS: working for the labour movement

Carolyn Jones
Carolyn Jones
Keith Ewing
Rachel Yates
Comment - 14 Sep 2012

Limits on Tribunal awards for unfair dismissal

Roger Jeary
Comment - 9 Sep 2012

Days of Action

Keith Ewing
Comment - 8 Aug 2012

Ruined Lives: Why trade unionism a dangerous game

Sarah Glenister
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