Osborne and Cable stack tribunal odds against workers

George Osborne announced at the Conservative Party Conference that from April 2012 workers will have to be employed for two years instead of one year to qualify for unfair dismissal protection.

21 November 2011

Advancing rights at work: developing devolved solutions

Prof Keith Ewing, IER President & Mick O’Sullivan

27 September 2011

One of the problems we are about to face under the Con Dem government is the erosion of employment standards. More use of agency workers, limited rights to unfair dismissal, and restricted access to tribunals

In these circumstances we need to be looking around at areas where the Con Dems are not in power politically, and where there might be opportunities to advance rights at work. Specifically is there anything that can be done in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (and by large local authorities)?

How can we step up Britain's fight back

Prof Keith Ewing, IER President and John Hendy QC, IER Chairman

15 September 2011

Across the globe unions are organising resistance to what is an almost uniform governmental response to the current crisis of capitalism.

States have drained their coffers to bail out the financial gamblers and are now taking the opportunity to slash public services and cut the wages, pensions and job security of their employees.

Working people in both the private and public sectors are suffering and are increasingly angry and unions have organised mass protest around the world.

Collective Agreements – A Better Indicator of Trade Union Reach Than Membership Numbers?

Keith Ewing

Prof Keith Ewing, IER President

25 August 2011

Earlier this year, the TUC joined forces with unions elsewhere in the world in a display of solidarity with brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. The collective bargaining rights of public sector workers were being signed away by the Governor, in a State that once pioneered workers’ rights.

The NI scandal has exposed corruption right at the heart of the British political system

Prof Keith Ewing, IER President

22 August 2011

The News International scandal has exposed various forms of corruption at the heart of the British political system – a corruption of politicians and a corruption of the police. It has exposed a global company that thought it was above the law, and appeared routinely to break the law with impunity.

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