Is this the turning point for European economics?

16 November 2012

By Enrico Tortolano

As millions take to the streets in Europe, could this could be a similar turning point to that seen in Latin America when the workers rose against neo-liberalist ideas? And will the momentum from the European strikes make its way over to the UK where austerity measures are fostering an unequal society?

Govt gives opposition just two weeks to respond to consultations

15 November 2012

By Sarah Glenister

The government's reform of its approach to public consultations could leave sections of society without a voice.

Govt policies are keeping the UK in recession, and workers are paying for it

15 November 2012

By John Mills

By focusing on keeping inflation at a minimum, the government is selling out Britain's workers.

Family friendly rights no substitute for workers’ rights

14 November 2012

By Roger Jeary

Nick Clegg has proudly announced the government will make "improvements" to parental leave, allowing fathers to share mothers' maternity leave. But is this as good a deal as the Deputy Prime Minister wishes to make out?

Employee Ownership – Or, Don't Trust the Government.

08 November 2012

By John Medhurst

Beware of the media-friendly words the Government uses to hide its true aims. "Employee-owned" businesses may soon find their way into the public sector, allowing the Coalition to beginning selling off parts of the state.

Bankers must be made to bear the cost of their reckless risk-taking

07 November 2012

By Prem Sikka

Prem Sikka, Professor of Accountancy at the University of Essex, explains how the banks are still being given far too much leeway to take gambles they cannot afford to lose.

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