Not bad news for all public servants this Christmas

20 December 2012

By Roger Jeary

New Bank of England Governor Mark Carney will be one of the few public servants granted a massive wage and generous benefits, while almost all other public sector workers are on a pay freeze at best, or being made redundant. But we're all in this together, right?

Evasion of law by Sodexo demonstrates short-sightedness of collective redundancy consultation period cuts

19 December 2012

By Sarah Glenister, IER staff

On the day Employment Relations Minister, Jo Swinson announced the government will halve the minimum consultation period employers must take before mass redundancies, a trade union has been forced to ballot their members for industrial action as services contractor Sodexo attempts to evade existing laws on the matter.

Michael "Scrooge" Gove gives a 'turkey' to Head Teachers

19 December 2012

By Roger Jeary

Roger Jeary responds to news that Education Secretary Michael Gove has sent a letter to Head Teachers encouraging them to cut the wages of teachers involved in industrial action

Women's workplace rights: opportunities and threats

19 December 2012

By Preethi Sundaram, The Fawcett Society

The UK is already one of the most lightly regulated markets in the developed world; Fawcett does not believe that deregulating further will inspire growth or keep women adequately protected at work.

Collective redundancy consultation cut a miserable Christmas present to the UK workforce

19 December 2012

By Keith Ewing

President of the IER Keith Ewing writes about the miserable circumstances that could befall many of the UK's workforce this New Year.

Public Sector Equality Duty review launched for all the wrong reasons

19 December 2012

By Carola Towle, UNISON National LGBT Officer

The Public Sector Equality Duty review has been launched too early and is driven by politics, not the thirst for ending discrimination and disadvantage in our society.

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