Cameron's EU speech may include some of the most worrying comments made by the Coalition so far

23 January 2013

By Roger Jeary

The EU is a Westminster village debate which bears little relevance to those outside other than the media and the boardrooms of commerce and industry.

It has taken the sale of horse-burgers at Tescos to at last hear some good sense from Labour on the question of business regulation.

23 January 2013

By David Whyte

The foundations of today's deregulation nightmare were laid by Labour

Strengthening the Blacklisting Regulations: An Institute of Employment Rights Briefing

23 January 2013

The following briefing was produced for Labour MPs prior to the debate in Parliament on blacklisting on the afternoon of 23 January 2013

by Carolyn Jones

It is shameful that so little has been done to acknowledge the scandal of blacklisting and scandalous that even less has been done to compensate those who have suffered from this vile practice.

IER briefing on blacklisting

23 January 2013

The IER has sent a briefing to all Labour MPs ahead of today's debate on blacklisting, which is tabled to commence at 14:30. Our briefing is published below.

Why the Coalition's depressing policies on teachers and state pensions will increase suffering

17 January 2013

By Roger Jeary

New policy announcements on state pensions and performance-related pay for teachers shows the government is not easing off on its attack on workers.

Workers are integral to saving the flailing construction industry - so why not let them have a voice?

16 January 2013

Yesterday (15 January 2013), Minister for Construction and Tory MP Michael Fallon announced the launch of an 18-member advisory council, which has been developed by Government Chief Construction Adviser Peter Hansford in order to look at ways to help the flailing construction industry get back on its feet.

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