Economics and the Powerful: How to fight back against neoliberalism

06 February 2013

By Enrico Tortolano

The left should make use of conferences and publications to educate themselves and organise in order to provide a real alternative to the neoliberal regime.

Experts share concerns over government changes to equality law

31 January 2013

By Janet Newsham

Janet Newsham reports on the IER's Equality and Discrimination Conference in Liverpool.

The truth about employees' experience of their work

30 January 2013

Many workers are stressed-out, working long hours, and are employed by managers who do not feel responsible for providing a good work-life balance for their staff.

Agency Workers' Protection fails at the first legal hurdle

30 January 2013

By Roger Jeary

A recent employment tribunal has shown the Agency Workers' Regulations are easy for employers to escape.

Cullum McAlpine: Blacklist was used for Olympics Project

24 January 2013

Director of Sir Robert McAlpine Cullum McAlpine admitted using a blacklist to recruit for large public projects including the Olympics.

Cameron's EU speech may include some of the most worrying comments made by the Coalition so far

23 January 2013

By Roger Jeary

The EU is a Westminster village debate which bears little relevance to those outside other than the media and the boardrooms of commerce and industry.

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