Lies, farce and obfuscation: The government's new approach to consultation

14 March 2013

By Sarah Glenister, IER staff

The government's new approach to consultation, which the Institute of Employment Rights has criticised as an ideologically driven attempt to limit oppositional voices, was debated in the Lords on Monday (March 11th), revealing what appears to be a foundation of deception, trickery and deliberate avoidance of public opinion from the Tory-led Coalition.

No independent review and no call for evidence on government's new two-week consultations

07 March 2013

By Sarah Glenister, IER staff

The government has refused to consult the public on measures that could severely limit oppositional voices.

The Coalition is putting already vulnerable whistleblowers in an even worse situation with its ERR Bill

06 March 2013

By Catherine Hobby, Senior Lecturer, School of Law & Social Sciences, University of East London

The deaths and neglect at Mid-Staffordshire hospitals have revealed the very real risks to the public of preventing whistleblowers from speaking out, but the Coalition's Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill will make employees even less likely to take action when they see dangerous conditions at work.

TUPE: From Protection of Employees, to Promises for Employers

06 March 2013

By Roger Jeary

The Coalition's proposals for the reform of TUPE Regulations aim to strip back employee protection (the very purpose of the legislation) and give businesses an easy ride when it comes to dismissing workers and cutting pay.

Yellow squares on the windows: the occupation at Sussex University

06 March 2013

By John Medhurst

Privatisation of the public sector is part of a larger campaign to rob workers of decent pensions and working conditions, and is handing some state functions to companies that do not recognise trade unions. John Medhurst speaks to the student protesters at Sussex University, showing how many individuals are ready and willing to stand in solidarity with public sector workers to fight the ideological lurch to profit over people.

The Coalition has removed the best features of Employment Tribunals and kept the worst

22 February 2013

By David Renton

Today's tribunal system is not perfect, but the Coalition's reforms are taking away the best things about them and keeping the worst.

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