Public sector privatisation leads to increased exploitation of workers

08 April 2013

By Sarah Glenister, IER staff

Evidence has already emerged to show how workers are being exploited when the public sector is sold-off to private interests with only profit in mind and, shockingly, this is happening to those in front-line occupations policing our streets and caring for our health.

IER Blacklist Charter

By Keith Ewing

Following the revelations thrown up by the Scottish Affairs Committee blacklisting inquiry, Professor Keith Ewing, President of the IER, has drawn up a Blacklisting Charter, below. You can also download the file here

Please share widely to spread awareness of blacklisting and build support for the effective protection of trade unionists in the UK

Justice Deferred: a critical guide to the Coalition's employment tribunal reforms - Morning Star Review

05 April 2013

By Adrian Weir, Assistant Chief of Staff, Unite

The Enterprise And Regulatory Reform and the Growth And Infrastructure Bills, both currently near the end of their parliamentary passage, represent "the biggest change to employment law since the introduction of the right to claim unfair dismissal more than 40 years ago," say barristers David Renton and Anna Macey in this new booklet.

Now the National Minimum Wage is under attack

05 April 2013

By Roger Jeary

A suspicious instruction to the Low Pay Commission suggests the government wish to keep downward pressure on the national minimum wage - already too little to live on.

Resisting Shock Therapy

21 March 2013

By John Medhurst

The UK now has an extreme right-wing government that aims to transfer most of our public services to the private sector, using a variety of commissioning models and hybrid schemes to disguise a massive programme of privatisation.

Workplace Issues: learning from the front line

21 March 2013

By Roger Jeary

Roger Jeary reports on the IER's latest conference - Workplace issues: learning from the frontline.

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