Has Monti resolved Viking and Laval?

Submitted by carolyn on Fri, 16/03/2012 - 15:17

16 March 2012

Keith Ewing says there "is nothing of merit" in the first draft Monti 11 Regulation

In this latest Briefing from IER, Keith Ewing argues that the first Draft Regulation reflects a failure to understand the serious implications of the Viking and Laval decisions, and a failure also to address the changing nature of human rights law insofar as it affects the right to strike

Whether these failings will be addressed in the second draft of the Regulation - due out soon - is yet to be seen. IER will update and publish as soon as the next Draft is received. Watch this space.

The Draft Monti 11 Regulatioin by Keith Ewing March 2012.pdf139.7 KB

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