Author: Ben Sellers

Removing asbestos from schools and hospitals would benefit UK economy by almost £12 billion over 50 years, says new report

Latest research also shows that asbestos-related diseases in former school and hospital workers cost the UK economy £1.3 billion per year

Future of Work and Devolution in Wales Report: Workers need change

An independent report on the Future of Work and Devolution in Wales by Professor Jean Jenkins of Cardiff Business School has been published

Fiona Mercer: The care worker at the heart of UNISON’s Supreme Court challenge

Mercer is at the heart of a case being heard in the Supreme Court this week, which could define the future of workers’ rights to strike

Trade union history: Unions to march with sacked GCHQ workers in January, here’s why

via Hannah Davenport, Left Foot Forward

Soaring CEO pay shows “obscene levels of pay inequality” say TUC

The High Pay Centre release details of 'High Pay Hour 2024'

Changes at the Institute

Employment Law regulations in Parliament – update

via Daniel Barnett, Emplaw Law Services

COP28: Progress for a just transition but big gaps remain – ITUC

ITUC welcomes the inclusion of references to labour rights and social protection in the Just Transition Work Programme

TUC General Council statement – Special Congress 2023

The ongoing campaign against minimum service levels (MSLs)
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