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Director: Carolyn Jones

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National Coordinator: James Harrison

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National Development Officer: Sarah Glenister

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History of the Institute of Employment Rights

Twenty Years of Progress

The Institute of Employment Rights, respectfully known as the “Institute” to its many friends in and beyond the labour movement, was born at a challenging time.

It was conceived in 1989, following a tranche of anti union laws, introduced by three successive, Thatcher led Tory governments.

It was also a time when it was becoming evident that the official labour movement was experiencing a serious crisis of confidence and seemed no longer clear about the sort of labour law framework it wanted to protect and advance workers’ interests in a modern globalising economy.

Labour was therefore unable to adequately respond to the Thatcherite challenge.

In the face of this Tory assault and Labour uncertainties, a group of progressive labour lawyers and trade union leaders came together to set up the Institute, with the active support of leading progressive economists such as Frank Wilkinson and Labour Peers such as Lord Wedderburn.

20th Anniversary Donations

Donations to the 20th Anniversary have been coming in throughout the anniversary year.

We have also offered trade unionists an opportunity to show their support for our anniversary year by subscribing to us.

Show your support for IER in its 20th year- download a supporters form attached here

  • Current donors are

Trade Unions and Organisations

  • Fire Brigades’ Union
  • Tony Lennon, BECTU
  • Joe MacVeigh, FBU
  • Bob Oram, UNISON
  • Phil McGarry, Scotlish Regional Council, RMT
  • Phil McGarry, Reclaim our Rights United Campaign (Scottish Committee)
  • Prison Officers’ Association
  • John Usher, United Campaign
  • James Wood, UCATT North West
  • UNISON Knowsley Branch
  • UNITE the Union, London and Eastern Region
  • UNITE the Union

Individuals and Law firms

  • Linda Clarke, Westminster University
  • Lorene Fabian
  • Gary Fabian
  • Joern Janssen
  • Marcus Kaufmann, SQS BRAZIL

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