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Latest News

11 November 2019

Workers across McDonald's franchises – nicknamed McStrikers – are readying themselves for a Global Day of Action tomorrow (Tuesday 12 November 2019).

11 November 2019

The Labour Party has pledged to increase the amount of time women receive statutory maternity pay from nine months to one year if they win the election.

01 November 2019

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has announced its intention to consult on proposals to make employers provide references to workers.

Promoted Publication

Brexit and Workers' Rights

By Professors Nicola Countouris & Keith Ewing

Published September 2019

Now, on the brink of the third deadline for a Brexit deal, two leading UK academics consider the possible implications of a ‘no-deal Brexit’ for UK workers’ rights. They conclude that the process and the post-Brexit architecture will be owned and determined by the political party in power at the time of Brexit and they pose two alternative scenarios.