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Latest News

15 July 2019

The all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on whistleblowing today released a report drawing on evidence from over 300 whistleblowers, urging the government to reform the law.

12 July 2019

Prison workers gathered in the House of Commons this week to share their experiences of work in the justice system.

10 July 2019

Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford yesterday detailed the core principles of a new Social Partnership Bill to the Welsh Assembly, which will make it easier for unions, employers and government to work together to provide fair work and a strong, productive economy for all.

Promoted Publication

Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law

edited by John Hendy QC, Professor Keith Ewing and Carolyn Jones

Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law

The IER’s 2016 Manifesto for Labour Law garnered support from major unions across the UK, the Green Party, the Scottish Nationalist Party, and most of all the Labour Party. Indeed the Labour Party’s popular and influential 2017 Manifesto For the Many, Not the Few adopted many of the IER’s recommendations as a blueprint for future reform.




Upcoming Conferences and Events

Labour Law and the Fair Work Agenda

16/07/2019 18:00

Tuesday 16 July 2019

An evening conference
Cardiff University, Cardiff

This meeting will update us on the IER manifesto, the TUC great jobs agenda and the work that the Wales TUC is undertaking with Welsh government to ensure that fair work through social partnership is delivered for workers throughout Wales.