Manifesto for Labour Law

Britain’s Workers Feel Stressed And Insecure

13 September 2016

By Carolyn Jones, Director, Institute of Employment Rights

BRITAIN’S 31 million workers are among the most insecure, stressed and unhappiest in Europe.

No wonder! According to the latest report by the Institute of Employment Rights (IER), the evidence is damning.

Corbyn team reiterates support for IER Manifesto

13 September 2016

At a TUC Congress fringe event held by the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) on Sunday, two leading members of Jeremy Corbyn's team reiterated their support for the Manifesto for Labour Law – 25 policy proposals for reshaping workers' rights under the next Labour government.

UCU welcomes proposals for new labour law framework

07 September 2016

The University and College Union has welcomed 25 new policy proposals for the next Labour government that shift the focus of labour law to give workers a stronger voice.

REVIEW: Laying down the law in the workplace

08 August 2016

Lydia Hayes, lecturer at Cardiff Law School, on the IER's Manifesto for Labour Law

A TIMELY and compelling contribution to political debate that advocates real and lasting change in the British labour market and economy, this manifesto’s case for better wages, improved productivity, greater security and lesser inequality is underpinned by the promise of progressive legal change.

Dave Prentis backs IER policies for next Labour Government

05 August 2016

The Institute of Employment Rights’ (IER) Manifesto for Labour Law, already backed by Jeremy Corbyn’s team and several major unions, today received support from another key figure in the labour movement.

IER's Manifesto policies appeal to all.

27 July 2016

IER welcome the adoption of our policy proposals as developed at the request of Jeremy Corbyn's team in their determination to restructure workers' rights

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