John Medhurst

Dystopia in the UK: Killing local public services

16 January 2013

By John Medhurst

The cuts to local government funding are forcing employees into private sector jobs, where terms and conditions lean too far toward the employer and trade unions may not even be recognised. Meanwhile, public services that make life bearable for most of us are being taken away.

Privatising public services: threats and alternatives

12 December 2012

By John Medhurst

John Medhurst explains how so-called "mutuals" cropping up within the public sector are far from employee-led, and in fact disadvantage workers and attack employment rights.

The Coalition and the Arts: culture and revolvers

21 November 2012

By John Medhurst

In the 1930s leading Nazi Hermann Goering once said: “When I hear the word Culture, I reach for my revolver”. So, apparently, does the UK’s Coalition government.

Employee Ownership – Or, Don't Trust the Government.

08 November 2012

By John Medhurst

Beware of the media-friendly words the Government uses to hide its true aims. "Employee-owned" businesses may soon find their way into the public sector, allowing the Coalition to beginning selling off parts of the state.

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