Sarah Glenister

There is an alternative - Our experts share nine of them

12 October 2012

By Sarah Glenister

Nine experts provide ideas for economic alternatives to austerity.

Ruined Lives: Why trade unionism a dangerous game

08 August 2012

By Sarah Glenister

Consecutive governments have failed to outlaw blacklisting - a practice used solely to discriminate against workers

The London 2012 G4S fiasco shows why looking after workers’ rights is good for everyone

26 July 2012

The taxpayer is losing out, workers are being exploited, and businesses are forbidden to make money from the Games, so who is really benefiting from the Olympics?

The EU: friend or the foe of trade unions?

06 July 2012

Many thanks to those who attended our Developments in European Employment Law conference at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool on Wednesday (July 4th).

Expert speakers bust tabloid myths at "priceless" IER conference

23 May 2012

Busting myths, decoding goverment terminology and examining the shocking human cost of undermining health and safety law.

Ellesmere Port: Success or sacrifice?

UNITE Convenors at Ellesmere Port Vauxhall Plant
UNITE Convenors at Ellesmere Port Vauxhall Plant

18 May 2012

The Ellesmere Port deal has saved thousands of jobs and created thousands more, but it came at a cost.

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