Sarah Glenister

Where Are The Workers In The Government’s Supposed Review Of Workers’ Rights?

08 December 2016

By Sarah Glenister, National Development Office, Institute of Employment Rights

When taking on the mantle of prime minister this summer, Theresa May attempted to rebrand the Tories as “the party of workers” and two new reviews last week ostensibly serve to back this up with action. But one key stakeholder in her apparent fight for workers’ rights is missing — workers.

Lord Freud celebrates reserve army of desperate unemployed

29 January 2014

By Sarah Glenister, IER staff

In a speech yesterday (28 January 2014) to the National Youth Employment Summit, Lord Freud celebrated the new “flexibility” of workers expected following the introduction of Universal Credit (UC).

Equality & Discrimination: What next for equal rights

23 January 2014

By Janet Newsham

Janet Newsham reports on the lessons learned from yesterday’s (22 January 2014) Equality and Discrimination conference held by the Institute of Employment Rights.

Is Osborne really "converted" to providing higher wages? How the left can stay ahead of Tory spin

17 January 2014

By Sarah Glenister, IER staff

The big news story today (17 January 2014) is the surprising announcement that George Osborne apparently backs raising the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to above-inflation levels.

How the UK can escape becoming the "nasty country" of the EU

29 November 2013

By Sarah Glenister

László Andor, the EU employment commissioner, has warned the UK that new restrictions against migrants could see it portrayed as the "nasty country" of the EU. The Institute of Employment Rights (IER) recently conducted extensive research into labour migration and how the problems surrounding immigration can be resolved in a way that benefits all. But while the IER strongly recommends a "rights-based" model, the government continues to court controversy with plans for restrictions that aim to resolve an issue that does not exist.

Seven benefits Eastern European Migrant workers have brought to the UK

14 November 2013

Sarah Glenister, IER staff

While the right wing say immigration is a burden on our country, the IER believes migrant workers add to our economy and labour market could add more if they were better protected against exploitation.

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