Roger Jeary

Now the National Minimum Wage is under attack

05 April 2013

By Roger Jeary

A suspicious instruction to the Low Pay Commission suggests the government wish to keep downward pressure on the national minimum wage - already too little to live on.

Workplace Issues: learning from the front line

21 March 2013

By Roger Jeary

Roger Jeary reports on the IER's latest conference - Workplace issues: learning from the frontline.

TUPE: From Protection of Employees, to Promises for Employers

06 March 2013

By Roger Jeary

The Coalition's proposals for the reform of TUPE Regulations aim to strip back employee protection (the very purpose of the legislation) and give businesses an easy ride when it comes to dismissing workers and cutting pay.

Agency Workers' Protection fails at the first legal hurdle

30 January 2013

By Roger Jeary

A recent employment tribunal has shown the Agency Workers' Regulations are easy for employers to escape.

Cameron's EU speech may include some of the most worrying comments made by the Coalition so far

23 January 2013

By Roger Jeary

The EU is a Westminster village debate which bears little relevance to those outside other than the media and the boardrooms of commerce and industry.

Why the Coalition's depressing policies on teachers and state pensions will increase suffering

17 January 2013

By Roger Jeary

New policy announcements on state pensions and performance-related pay for teachers shows the government is not easing off on its attack on workers.

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