Carolyn Jones

Dramatic fall in Employment Tribunal figures

13 March 2014

By Carolyn Jones

On 13th March 2014 , the Ministry of Justice published the latest ET statistics, showing the type and volume of Tribunal cases received, disposed of or outstanding for the third quarter of the financial year October to December 2013.

Greater union presence is essential to heal divided Britain

04 September 2013

By Carolyn Jones, Director of the IER

Giving workers a voice is critical if the UK is to recover its economy, greater equality and quality of life.

This latest attack will leave millions of working people priced out of the legal system

31 July 2013

By Carolyn Jones, Director of the IER

On Sunday night I sat down to watch the new Channel 4 drama, The Mill – an historic depiction of real working life in the Northern cotton mills of 1833. It was a shocking insight into our recent history and a timely reminder of why workplace regulations were originally introduced.

CLASS: working for the labour movement

03 October 2012

By Rachel Yates & Carolyn Jones

As the Labour Party determines its policy going into the next general election and conference delegates ponder the meaning of "predistribution" and the likelihood of “responsible capitalism”, there is an overwhelming sense that another world is possible.

Ballot Restrictions to Remain

23 October 2010

Carolyn Jones, IER Director

Despite a sucessful lobby in support of John McDonnell’s Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill, only 89 MPs turned up to support the Bill when it was discussed in Parliament on 22nd October 2010. The Bill aimed to simplify procedures around industrial action ballots and notices.

Ask your MP to join the Commons debate on 22nd October

23 September 2010

Carolyn Jones, IER Director

The “Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill”: was introduced into Parliament by John McDonnell, MP on 30th June 2010 and will have its second reading on 22nd October. The Bill aims to simplify procedures around industrial action ballots and notices.

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