Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones
Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones

Carolyn is the Director of the Institute of Employment Rights

A nasty Bill turned into a nasty Act

06 May 2016

By Carolyn Jones, Director, Institute of Employment Rights

The Trade Union Bill has now passed through its Parliamentary stages, receiving Royal Assent on Wednesday 04 May – ironically, the 90th anniversary of the 1926 General Strike.

We can't allow the Tories to arrogantly flout international law

18 February 2016

By Carolyn Jones, Director, Institute of Employment Rights

It’s official! The Trade Union Bill currently being rushed through Parliament by the Conservative Government is in breach of international labour standards. So says the latest report to be published by the ILO Committee of Experts in February 2016.

Workers priced out of justice

7 January 2015

On 7 January 2015 the Guardian published an open letter submitted by a number of leading representatives from academia, the legal profession and the labour movement. The letter called for the employment tribunal fees introduced by the Coalition Government to be abolished due to the adverse effect of those fees on access to justice and on employment practices. That letter is reproduced below or available on the Guardian website here.

Dramatic fall in Employment Tribunal figures

13 March 2014

By Carolyn Jones

On 13th March 2014 , the Ministry of Justice published the latest ET statistics, showing the type and volume of Tribunal cases received, disposed of or outstanding for the third quarter of the financial year October to December 2013.

Greater union presence is essential to heal divided Britain

04 September 2013

By Carolyn Jones, Director of the IER

Giving workers a voice is critical if the UK is to recover its economy, greater equality and quality of life.

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